Alternative and Renewable Energy

Alternative and Renewable Energy

Solar Power

Solar power is an economically cost-effective solution for utilising the energy of the sun to heat water. Thanks to our European suppliers’ patented products and world-leading technologies, we are best prepared to assist you in implementing your project.

Whether you’re looking to heat your bathing facility or your process water, with the solar technology we supply, you can often reduce your operating costs many times over. Correct system design by a team of specialists and straight forward installation, which you can also do yourself, minimises the production costs and maximises value creation.




Photovoltaics are the simplest way to generate electricity yourself. Due to the rapid developments in recent years, photovoltaic systems, both in the private sector and for companies, have revealed themselves as a very cost-effective way to reduce mains power requirements and even to provide
electricity for others as well in many cases.

We offer complete solutions to meet in-house demand as well as for commercial utilisation of your own personal power generation system. Together with our partners, who provide state-of-the-art storage technology, you can take a great step towards independence from electricity suppliers.



Wind energy

Wind energy is the optimum form of power generation in many regions.
The storage option we offer allows you to retain the electricity you generate on site and to use it only when required. From the smallest systems to commercially utilisable generators, we supply both new and second-hand wind turbines.



Water power

Water power is the only option for economic power generation in some regions. It has been utilised for many centuries and is often continuously available. Systems can frequently be designed such that there is no need to store the energy produced, making the total cost of power Generation substantially lower than that for other alternative energy sources.

From virtually maintenance-free small systems generating a few watts to large hydroelectric power plants – our suppliers work constantly on their further development and optimisation, so that the production costs and your maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum.



Heat pumps

Heat pumps utilise the heat present in the surrounding air, water or earth and enhance this. You can use the heat pumps we offer to significantly reduce your energy costs, especially those for heating hot water.




In many cases, it is possible to combine wind, water and solar power. We offer you the combination best suited to your requirements. With intelligent control systems and effective storage, you can then be completely independent from electricity suppliers.


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